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There Are Leeches In Denton Lake 


Gut Punch/Don't Meet Your Idols


The Soccer Journals

There Are Leeches In Denton Lake: is the first EP from Everybody's Worried About Owen. 

Album Art: Emmy Kelly

Twitter: @nutellarella 

Gut Punch/Don't Meet Your Idols: is a two part single focusing on the themes of guilt, loss and betrayal and how they intertwine.  

Album Art: Emmy Kelly

Twitter: @nutellarella 

Mawce: Is a power ballad anthem focusing around the themes of gender identity, acceptance and the concept of home. Having racked up over 5 million streams (!!!) It is currently featured on the Spotify Limelight playlist 

Combining personal memories with inspiration from Leonardo DiCaprio's performance in The Basketball Diaries, The Soccer Journals is the project's first release. 

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